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Lindsay Lohan reportedly found unconscious
She has been trying to recover from her career setbacks, but it looks like the actress is still spiraling down

FANS WISH HER WELL. Lindsay Lohan's supporters are behind the actress' recovery from exhaustion — and all other setbacks — all the way. Screen grab from YouTube

WASHINGTON, United States of America – Lindsay Lohan was reported to be found unconscious in her hotel suite at the Ritz Carlton hotel in Los Angeles last Friday.

The actress was found exhausted and dehydrated from shooting the Lifetime movie where she plays screen siren Elizabeth Taylor.

Paramedics rushed to revive her, but upon evaluation was released without being taken to a hospital.

SHE'S ON HER WAY. A publicity photo of Lindsay Lohan's much-anticipated Elizabeth Taylor movie. Screen grab from YouTube

The actress figured in a car accident last week along the Pacific Coast highway in Santa Monica, when a US$ 80,00 Porsche she rented ran into a truck.

Lohan claims the accident was due to the car’s brakes failing to work. –

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