My dad is really a fighter – Eric Quizon
Here's the latest on Dolphy from Eric Quizon.

FAMILY, FRIENDS AND FANS are all praying for the Comedy King whose condition may change anytime. Screen grab from YouTube

MANILA, Philippines – “Right now, he’s hanging on,” said Eric Quizon on his father Dolphy’s current condition on Wednesday, June 20.  

Quizon disclosed in an ABS-CBN interview that his father has been in and out of the hospital for 5 years due to COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder), a disease that makes breathing difficult.

The family believes that all of Dolphy’s health problems ever since stem from COPD, a progressive disease. “By the time he got diagnosed, it was very critical already,” said Quizon, adding that COPD “is like cancer.” He also likened his father’s condition to emphysema, a degenerative disease. 

Eric added that his father’s kidneys are now very weak and can no longer filter medication administered to him. “They go to other organs of his body instead,” he said, adding that this has resulted to a condition called “toxic metabolic encepalopathy.”

“This morning, he needed blood, so we had to have it transfused,” Quizon added.

When asked if there is already a possibility the infection has spread to his body (sepsis), Quizon calmly replied, “It could lead to that.”

“My dad is really a fighter. I don’t know of anyone who has survived 10 pneumonias in one year,” he said.

Dolphy is now in and out of consciousness “but he responds through his eyebrows, through his eyes… he presses our hands.”

In his last conversation with his father, Quizon said his father told him, “I’m still alive. I’m okay but not really okay.”

“After that, he collapsed,” he added.

“Even if he’s not responding back to us (now), we know he is fighting,” said Eric. “Just like any family (going through something like this), all of us are vulnerable.” 

Quizon added that the family appreciates the honesty his father’s doctors have been giving, telling them what can really happen.

“We don’t want to be emotional on TV, but we’re hoping there won’t be much sensationalism,” he said. “We just want to be with him quietly and peacefully.”

To avoid false statements, Quizon is now the family’s designated spokesperson. He said they will update the public about his father’s condition, but clearly disclosed, “It can change anytime.” –

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