[Viral] Shia LeBouf goes full monty

The actor transforms from the boy we knew in 'Transformers' into a mature, serious actor.

DEAD BUTTERFLY JOINS SHIA. The video is going viral also because of the nudity involved. Screen grab from YouTube

WASHINGTON, United States of America – Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton, in a guesting at The Talk, says that one video going viral these days is the video “Fjögur Píanó” from acclaimed Iceland band Sigur Ros.

The video features Shia LeBouf and actress Denna Thomsen. 

Fans are seeing LeBouf do full frontal nudity for the first time.

According to a Wall Street Journal exclusive, the “seven-minute video is more of a dream sequence than a narrative.” It shows a couple caught in a destructive and lovesick relationship, “possibly revolving around drug addiction.”


According to the same report, in the video, LeBouf and Thomsen’s characters are fed glowing candy by two bearded men.

LeBouf’s character is violent and weepy, yet loving and passionate about his lover at the same time.

“The things you can’t say in words are best said in dance,” says Israeli filmmaker Alma Har’el in the report, using choreography to show the couple’s “stormy relationship.”


According to rollingstone.com, Har’el’s film Bombay Beach won “Best Documentary Feature” at last year’s Tribeca Film Festival.

“Fjögur Píanó” is a wordless song that features 4 piano pieces. It’s from Sigur Ros’ latest album, Valtari. – Rappler.com

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