Genius that is grounded and true

Milo Sogueco

THE EPITOME OF HUMILITY — that is Dolphy, the king of comedy. Photo by Milo Sogueco

MANILA, Philippines – Milo Sogueco is an award-winning filmmaker and photographer. Among his film projects are Groovy: The Colors of Pacita Abad, and the Alkaff Bridge and Sanglaan (The Pawnshop). 

Sogueco was able to work with Dolphy twice. On July 11, he published this note in Facebook with a photo of the king of comedy that he took: 

“The first time I met Dolphy was on the set of his film, ‘Markova.’ I was assistant director.

Being on the set with him was a baptism of sorts.

He was the first actor I met who can silence everyone with his presence; then with just a one-liner, he would draw cheers and laughter from the nervous room. 

All the youthful arrogance that I had was melted by his genius that is grounded and true. 

The last time I met Dolphy was on the set of his last film, ‘Father Jejemon.’ I was the photographer.

He was already weak then and needed to breathe with the help of an oxygen tank most of the time, in-between takes.

Yet he gamely posed for my camera.

I promised him that I will photograph him with lightning speed so that he would not tire.

His reply was (for me) not think of him and that we will only stop once I get his shot. 

Although this photo never made it to press, I am blessed to have met and photographed a real artist whose excellence came from hard work, passion, professionalism and humility.

Rest in peace, Dolphy. Hail to the king of comedy!” –

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