Claudine Barretto on Julia, Marjorie, Raymart
Claudine Barretto on Julia, Marjorie, Raymart
Plus, news on Claudine's movie comeback

MANILA, Philippines – Actress Claudine Barretto gave audiences an update on her life in a new TV interview on The Buzz Sunday, March 29.

Claudine talked about her relationship with sister Marjorie and nieces Julia, Dani, Claudia, and nephew Leon. Claudine recently attended the debut of her niece, teen actress Julia Barretto, and it looks like that may play a part in slowly healing the rift between Claudine and some members of her family. 

Marjorie and Claudine had issues with each other in the past. Previously, Marjorie, along with sister Gretchen and brother Jayjay, sided with Claudine estranged husband Raymart over Claudine’s alleged use of drugs in 2013. (READ: Gretchen: ‘Claudine confined for drug abuse’)

“I don’t know kung saan kami ni Marjorie sa relationship namin na iyon. I think it’s safe to say that we’re civil,” Claudine said. (I don’t know where we are in our relationship.)

Claudine also mentioned that Marjorie thanked her for coming to Julia’s debut, saying it meant so much to Julia, who celebrated her 18th birthday last March 10.

Although they were not able to talk that much, Claudine said that she and Marjorie had breakfast the following day. 

Claudine spoke about a recent conversation between her and Julia, who calls her “Mama Pretty.” 

Sabi niya, ‘Ma, how are you?’ I got so emotional. I said, ‘I miss you so much. I miss all of you. I only see you on TV, your commercials. I’m so proud of you.’

“Sabi niya, ‘Mama Pretty,’ – hirap na hirap siya mag-buwelo. (She was having a hard time with the timing) – Sabi niya, ‘Pwede ba, it’s my birthday na, it’s my debut na on March 10. Can you go?’” said Claudine, noting that it took a while before Julia asked her about going.  (READ: All eyes on Julia, Barretto family for grand debut)

Napa-stop lang ako sandali. Biglang I just blurted out, ‘Of course.’ And then I was thinking kung sinong gagawa ng gown na ganito kabilis. I was like, paano kaya mangyayari yun

(I stopped. I suddenly said ‘Of course.’ And then I was thinking, who can make a gown on such short notice?)

“And then she said, ‘Can you promise me, mama?’ And I said, ‘I promise Julia, I’ll be there.’”


Claudine said she became emotional upon seeing her other nieces and nephew during the party. She also talked about how she was approached by Dani, with whom she had a misunderstanding last year.  

“When I was on my way back to my room na, nung palabas ako ng (when I was going out of) ballroom, somebody hugged me. Nagulat ako nung nakita ko si (I was surprise to see) Dani. I saw her kasi go around and she was there. Siguro hindi niya lang alam kung paano ako pupuntahan. She didn’t say anything. She just hugged me really tight. Doon, naiyak na talaga ako. Kasi parang nasaktan talaga ako,”  Claudine said.

( I guess she did not how to approach me. She didn’t say anything. She just hugged me really tight. That’s when I really cried. I was really hurt [before].)

Masama ang loob ko after her interview. Malaki ang tampo ko. But then I always say na I feel this way because I love her so much. I just asked her why. And I said, ‘Don’t let anybody make you think even for one second na hindi ko kayo mahal, na hindi kita mahal Dani, kasi mahal na mahal kita.’ Siguro naghihintay lang ako ng apology.”

(I was really upset after her interview. I was really upset. But then I always say I feel this way because I love her so much. I just asked her why. And I said, ‘Don’t let anybody make you think even for one second that I do not love you all, that I don’t love you Dani, because I really love you. I guess I was just waiting for an apology.) 

Claudine and Raymart

Claudine also gave an update about her relationship with estranged husband Raymart, saying that these days, they’re just trying to be good parents to their two children, Sabina and Santino.

“All I can say is… I actually talked to Raymart, parang kasi napag-usapan namin na sana (we sort of discussed), let’s not talk to each other anymore. Or let’s not accept questions regarding each other kung hindi maganda yung sasabihin natin (if what we will say isn’t good).

“And now, we’re really trying to be talagang (really) good parents for the kids.

“We failed as husband and wife, but we’re trying not to fail as parents now,” Claudine said.

Movie comeback

If there is one thing Claudine’s fans are looking forward to, it’s the chance to see her on screen again. Claudine said that she will be returning to showbiz very soon, starting with a movie. Claudine said she will be working with director Wenn Deramas. 

“We decided na I should first do movies muna. (We decided whe should do movies first.)

Kasi ang last ko, In Your Eyes, and also to test the waters kung may market ka pa, ‘di ba? (Because my last was In Your Eyes, and also to test the waters if there is still a market for me, right?)

“And then saka na yung (afterwards) teleseryes; so we’re doing two movies,” Claudine said. 

With all the trials she has been through, Claudine said she has definitely learned so much. 

“One is never allow anybody to take advantage of you…And, you have to be sure that you’re surrounded by real friends and real people.” –



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