WATCH: Adele slays 'All I Ask' on 'Ellen' after Grammys mic glitch

MANILA, Philippines – On Ellen DeGeneres' show, Adele admitted to crying almost the entire day after a technical glitch happened during her performance of "All I Ask" at the Grammys. (WATCH: Adele says she 'cried pretty much all day' after 2016 Grammys mic glitch)

In the same episode, though, Adele got the chance to perform the song all over again.

As in the Grammys, Adele sang with only a piano accompaniment, but this time, no mics fell on the piano strings. (READ: Adele takes comfort in fast food after Grammys performance glitch)

In the episode, the singer said that next time a glitch like that happens, she'll stop and start over: "If it wasn't live TV, I would've busted a joke, but because it was [live] TV, I couldn't make it my own, I couldn't make the disaster my own."

"Next time, I will [stop and start over]," Adele continued. "Next time I have sound issues, I am gonna stop. Like, 'Sorry, that's not working for me, if you have time to do it again, let's do it, otherwise, bye," she joked.

During the 2016 Grammy Awards, a microphone fell on top of the piano strings during Adele's performance, causing a guitar-like sound in the background. The sound cut out for a while too, before the Adele drifted out of tune. 

Adele later explained what happened through Twitter, adding that she treated herself to a burger after the glitch.

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