Actor Alex Diaz: 'Never again will I be shackled by fear'

TWITTER STATEMENT. Alex Diaz opened up about his sexuality after being publicly outed by a fitness coach a week ago.

Photo from Alex Diaz's Instagram account

MANILA, Philippines – Actor-singer Alex Diax released on Tuesday, October 22 a statement after an "online ketogenic diet coach" outed him on social media.  

Alex, whose full name is James Alexander Diaz McDermott, thanked those who sent “thousands of messages of love and support."He then asked forgiveness from his management, the brands, supporters, family, friends, and "everyone else I let down by what I did and who I am." 

Today we champion change. — lexander Diaz (@alexandermcdizz) October 22, 2019

Alex said it was not his intention to “hurt anyone or elude the truth of who I am."

He said keeping his sexuality on the downlow was a “showbiz decision based on the state of our nation in regards to acceptance and representation of who I am." 

"But I sincerely thank everyone for not failing to remind me that I am human and that I too am loved," he added.

Alex said he would not let the fear of rumors or losing his career get in the way and that "instead, [he] will seek help, heal, and champion change, acceptance and representation for the bisexual community and/or anyone who is met with prejudice in our society."

"I see now that my actions are not caused by but rather the effect of the healthy suppression of all of who I am as a human being. I’m in a better place now," he told followers.

He said his passion remains to be performing, making people happy, and making people smile.  "My only hope is that I can continue to use this platform to do such in whatever new path this universe-given experience has opened for me. For now, I will rest, re-evaluate, and come back," he said.

On Friday, October 17 a certain "online fitness coach" publicly shared on social media screenshots of a private Instagram direct message between himself and Alex, who allegedly asked the coach if he "accepted indecent proposals."

In the screenshots, Alex apologized to the coach and pleaded for him not to leak the conversation because he had learned his lesson. The "fitness coach" still shared the screenshot online. –