Angelina Mead King on transitioning, relationship with Joey Mead

MANILA, Philippines – After coming out as a trans woman a few days ago, Angelina Mead King has opened up to Tim Yap about her journey and current relationship with her partner, Joey Mead King.

In the Philippine Star interview, published on Wednesday, July 6, Angie – short for Angelina – said that Joey knew about her being a trans woman a few months into their relationship.

Angie – then Ian – first told Joey that she liked to wear women's underwear, then things "escalated from there." The couple started dating in 2006 and got married in 2011.

Today, they are still together, and Joey is supportive of Angie's transition.

According to Angie, though, their relationship has had its fair share of struggles. As supportive and as big a help Joey was with Angie's transition and coming out, she had to come to terms with her own struggles too.

"Joey helped me to progress way faster than I would," Angie told Tim Yap. "As much as she enjoyed in the beginning and hated it later on, she realized, 'Wait what’s happening?' Just like in The Danish Girl, I broke her because she lost face where her knight in shining armor wanted to be a princess.

"That was the hard part for us, but we picked up the pieces, we figured out what our relationship was – we love each other and this is not gonna break us. Rock and roll, let’s try, are you gonna give up before you try, this is what we are trying. Joey is super pumped also because there is so much support for her, too; she’s more awesome than awesome."

She said that they both have counselors to help them work through their struggles.

Helping out

Joey helped Angie with her transition over the course of their relationship. She was there when Angie first dressed up as a woman in public.

Angie shared that it was her birthday and she told Joey she was afraid. "I was scared because Manila is so small," she explained.

"We went to Cafe [Ysabel] and we sat there by the corner. I was just in jeans and a loose top, but it was scary. I actually started wearing dresses not too long ago," she recounted to Tim Yap.

When people saw Angie wearing dresses for the first time, it was Joey who helped explain. Their driver, for example, was confused, and Joey had to talk to him. 

"So he had to talk to my maid, Nora. Joey knew first, Nora knew second and then my family came after. My household was in it from the beginning.

"I gave up male underwear maybe two years after dating Joey. And everything just followed."

On making Angie 'public'

Angie said that she was scared for a long time about coming out: "I never imagined this thing we were scared about was going to liberate us. We never expected it. Not just me, but Joey is overwhelmed with the love and support. Everyone is here for us, it’s really nuts."

Angie and Joey, as a couple, agreed to make it public, but not after a few disagreements.

"We had really serious arguments about everything, the biggest fear was being badgered by society, we were scared that the trolls of society would attack. They probably still will, but there’s so much love and support and that’s the cool part," said Angie.

She also admitted that people might say she's doing it for marketing. On this, Angie said, "Dude, you don’t just wake up one day and say, 'I want be a woman.' It’s something you thought of for a long time."

When asked what drove her to make the Instagram account @hailtothe_queen_ public, Angie recounted that it was in a conversation with her stepmom where they realized that news of it was circulating already.

After that conversation, Angie asked Joey what she thought about going public about her transition. When asked what Joey said, Angie answered: "After all the rough situations that we’ve been through, we are at the stage now of... f-ck it, let’s do it. Go forward, be different and just enjoy life." –