Real-life 'Frozen' Elsa look-alike is Internet sensation

MANILA, Philippines – Disney’s Elsa has come to life...sort of.

Anna Faith Carlson, an 18-year-old teen from Florida, found herself becoming an Internet sensation, after a photo of her dressed as Frozen's Elsa got thousand of likes. 

To date, Anna has close to 350,000 followers on Instagram.

According to ABC news, Anna actually works as an Elsa impersonator, making appearances at special occasions, such as children's birthday parties. 

In an interview with, Anna said that she didn’t expect the attention at all.

“I never thought I’d get so much support,” she said.

The warm reception of netizens to Anna might actually work in her favor as Anna is hoping that this will give her an opportunity to be part of the show Once Upon A Time, which recently teased that a live-action Elsa (along with Anne and Kristoff) will be joining the popular show's cast. 

“If I got an audition, I could show them two sides of Elsa. On Once Upon A Time she was a bit of a villain, but I could show her other side — that she’s trying to protect everyone. I have a couple skits I could show them — and I could sing, too!” Anna said in the same interview. 

She even posted a message on Instagram asking her followers to support her.

Currently, Anna and her sister are busy visiting hospitals and schools dressed up as the sisters of the hit movie. She even posted a photo of them together in costumes during a visit to Fox News.

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