WATCH: New clips from 'Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown' Manila episode released

ANTHONY BOURDAIN. Tony eats Filipino cuisine and talks to Filipinos about their culture for the Manila episode of 'Parts Unknown.

' Screengrab from YouTube/CNN

MANILA, Philippines – Anthony Bourdain took a trip to Manila in December for his CNN show, Parts Unknown, and the first clips from the Manila episode were released online on April 20. (IN PHOTOS: Anthony Bourdain in Manila episode of 'Parts Unknown')

In one, titled "A taste of Manila's street food," Tony has a plate of his "single favorite Filipino street food," sisig. (IN PHOTOS: 3 times fans spotted Anthony Bourdain in Manila)

"Nothing is getting between me and this spicy, chewy, fatty goodness," he says, before introducing his dining companions, the cover band Regatta.

Over dinner, he spoke to Regatta about the Filipino cover bands he's encountered in different parts of the world: "All over Southeast Asia, any hotel lobby, any hotel bar, there's a Filipino band. And I've sat there drunk and challenged band after band – Shirley Bassey, no problem. All of [Pink Lloyd's] Dark Side of the Moon, no problem. All of Guns N' Roses, no problem."

In the second video, Tony talked to another Filipino cover band, Keystone.

After discussing who makes the best adobo, Anthony asked the band what Filipinos like to do aside from feeding people.

"Filipinos are hospitable," replied the band. "Everybody knows how to sing. They don't necessarily have to be in tune. But they want to sing, they like to sing."

The Manila episode of Parts Unknown will air on CNN on April 24, 9 pm ET in the US.

Aside from Manila, the upcoming season 7 will also feature Chicago, Greece, Montana, Georgia, Senegal, Germany, and Buenos Aires.

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