IN PHOTOS: Anthony Bourdain visits Malate restaurant

MANILA, Philippines – Anthony Bourdain was in Manila this past week for an episode of the show, Parts Unknown. And while he kept a low profile, many fans couldn't help but snap photos of him eating at some restaurants in the city.

Among the places the American chef, author and TV personality visited were Chosun, a Korean restaurant in Malate, Jollibee, and Carlos Celdran's apartment. (IN PHOTOS: 3 times fans spotted Anthony Bourdain in Manila)

On Tuesday, December 15, he made his way to The Oarhouse Pub in Malate, where, according to owner Ben Razon, he ate and spoke with its customers. Ben is also a retired photojournalist. 

FAN. Anthony Bourdain spends time chatting with restaurant customers.

Photo by Vincent Go/Rappler

For Parts Unknown, Anthony travels the world, exploring different cuisines and cultures.

"I think the impression that I got was that he likes checking out bars and establishments that have long been around in certain cities, in certain places. It's more about how he wants to know who the people who hang out there are, and pretty much how that relates to the theme or the topic of the story that he's doing," Ben told Rappler about Anthony and his visit.

Anthony spoke to Ben and Mindanao photojournalist Mark Navales that night for Parts Unknown, but Ben is bound by contract not to tell people what they talked about. 

'PARTS UNKNOWN.' Anthony Bourdain with Mindanao photojournalist Mark Navales and retired photojournalist, Oarhouse Bar owner Ben Razon.

Photo by Vincent Go/Rappler

The Oarhouse has been around since 1977, opened by a retired US Navy pilot Charles "Chuck" Monroe, according to its website.

The place is known to be a hangout of a diverse mix of people – expatriates and backpackers, as well as local artists, writers and musicians. According to Ben, Anthony seemed more interested in the people than the food – "but granted, he did enjoy the food," added Ben. 

DINNER. The Oarhouse Pub serves Anthony Bourdain Pampanga's mini longganisa, chicharon bulaklak, and beef caldereta.

Photo by Vincent Go/Rappler

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