'Avengers' director pulls sarcastic parody on Romney

MANILA, Philippines - "Avengers" director Joss Whedon — loved by geeks the world over — has just pulled a sarcastic parody on US presidentiable Mitt Romney.

A video titled "Whedon on Romney" that was published in a YouTube channel of the same name on October 28 has been going viral with 1.8 million shares and counting.

The US Presidential Elections will take place on November 6, with Republican Romney reportedly neck-and-neck with re-electionist Democrat Barack Obama. (Rappler's Carmela Fonbuena live blogs for Rappler straight from the campaign trail.)

Whedon fans await the director's next "Avengers" movie scheduled to be released in 2015.

Before that, Marvel fans have "Iron Man 3" in April 2013 and "Thor 2: The Dark World" in November 2013.

The message of Whedon's video? Vote for Romney to prepare for the "Zomney" (zombie) apocalypse.

Here's the video:

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