Barbie Imperial hints of physical abuse in deleted tweets

MANILA, Philippines – Young actress and Pinoy Big Brother alumna Barbie Imperial got her fans worried over the weekend after she posted photos of what looked like bruises on some parts of her body. The posts have since been deleted, but her fans were able to share it on social media.

In a tweet that has also since been deleted, she wrote: "Girls, just because mahal mo ang isang tao pero sinasaktan kayo physically, hindi pwedeng patuloy yan." (Girls just because you love the person, but that person harms you physically, it's not right.)

"HINDI TAMA MANAKIT NG BABAE PHYSICALLY." (It's not right to harm a girl physically.)

A follower of Barbie reposted the tweets and photos on Instagram.

Andito lang kami palagi para sayo. Mahal na mahal ka namin. Alam naming napakasakit para sayo yung nangyari. Mas lalo kaming namangha sa katatagan ng loob mo. INDEED YOU ARE A STRONG WOMAN. Keep fighting. You are loved by many. You deserve more. @barbieeimperial #WeLoveYouBARBIE — ANJUNGHASEYO (@TBarbieIMPERIAL) July 14, 2018


Barbie later posted a photo of herself with friends captioned: "Protectors." 

Protectors. A post shared by Barbie Imperial (@msbarbieimperial) on Jul 14, 2018 at 2:05am PDT

On Monday, July 16, she posted a picture of herself and her mom, Bing. She wrote: "I am strong because a strong woman raised me. You're all I need mama. I love you. Thank you."

I am strong because a strong woman raised me. You're all I need mama. I love you. Thank you @imperial_bing A post shared by Barbie Imperial (@msbarbieimperial) on Jul 15, 2018 at 9:49pm PDT

Her followers have been sending out words of encouragement to her on social media.

A number of fans, meanwhile, hit actor Paul Salas, Barbie's rumored ex-boyfriend. Paul and Barbie have been linked in the past but never confirmed the status of their relationship.

Paul, son of former Universal Motions dancer Jim Salas, was in the spotlight last year after an online word war between him and Daniel Padilla on social media

Paul has yet to comment on Barbie's posts, but his close friend, GMA 7 actor Kristopher Martin, posted a series of tweets, apparently alluding to the issue. The tweets have also since been deleted.

In one post, he wrote: "Wag dumating sa point na maninira ka ng buhay ng tao. Kung totoo man o hindi yung nangyari, problema niyo yan. Di kailangan ipaalam sa buong mundo para kumuha ng sympathy."

(I hope you won't reach the point you'll destroy a person's life. Whether it happened or not, that's your problem. You do not need to tell the whole world just to get sympathy.)

In another post, he also said: "There's (sic) always two sides of the story

Fans reacted to the posts and Kristopher explained his side.

I see where people are coming from. Some took it a little far kaya lumaki. I DON’T TOLERATE PHYSICAL ABUSE. Sorry if na mislead yung iba. Ni girlfriend ko kahit kelan di ko naisipang saktan. Naapektuhan lang ako bilang kapatid. Not my story to tell. Again, sorry. — Kristoffer Martin (@flinsTUNs) July 15, 2018


Kasi nahimasmasan ako. And narealize ko na nakakamislead nga yung tweets ko. Pasensya po. — Kristoffer Martin (@flinsTUNs) July 15, 2018

He also took time to answer some of the fans on social media.

Pero to di ko papalampasin. You talk about abuse. Pero yung ganituhin niyo yung taong wala namang kinalaman? Sinong mas umabuso? — Kristoffer Martin (@flinsTUNs) July 15, 2018

As of this posting, neither Barbie nor Paul's camps have issued official statements. –