‘Black Mirror’ returns for a 5th season

MANILA, Philippines – If you missing getting your mind messed with multiple times in a single afternoon, then you’re in luck: Black Mirror is officially returning for a 5th season, which means that viewers around the world will be getting more of the addictive series and its insane storylines.

The future will be brighter than ever. pic.twitter.com/slVeg3VPd7 — Black Mirror (@blackmirror) March 5, 2018


Netflix confirmed that the series has been renewed for a 5th season, though no premiere date has been announced.

The Emmy-award winning series created by Charlie Brooker is known for its tendency to blow the minds of the viewers with standalone episodes that focus on the way technology transforms the world – not necessarily for the better.

The series’ 4th season gave a more hopeful view to a series that has become notorious for its nihilistic episodes that have very little happy endings. All 6 episodes were released on Netflix in December 2017. – Rappler.com