Canadian comedienne jokes about Filipino children

MANILA, Philippines - Local netizens expressed their sentiments after Canadian comedienne Katherine Ryan spoke of Filipino children in a joke for British stand-up comedy show "Mock the Week," aired June 13. 

"We don't test any of our products on animals. We use Filipino Children," said Ryan in response to the theme "unlikely lines from a cosmetics commercial."

In the segment, celebrities were tasked to drop impromptu one-liners and punchlines for the phrase.

Shortly after the show aired, Ryan posted a statement on her Twitter account, explaining the incident.

It was UNLIKELY lines from a cosmetics commercial. *UN-LIKELY*. You'd be very unlikely to hear that. Because it would never happen. — Katherine Ryan (@Kathbum) June 14, 2013

News blog The Filipino Scribe tweeted Ryan on June 17, asking for her take on the issue, to which the comedienne's stand remained firm, saying the joke was taken out of context. She suggests that viewers watch the whole segment before making any judgement.

@FilipinoScribe If you'd watched the whole show instead of reacting to a still shot out of context... — Katherine Ryan (@Kathbum) June 16, 2013 might feel that I was criticizing the EXPLOITATION of children. The joke is never, ever ON children. Watch the show. — Katherine Ryan (@Kathbum) June 16, 2013

@FilipinoScribe And I'm not an actress. — Katherine Ryan (@Kathbum) June 16, 2013

Watch the whole segment here:

Filipino netizens did not take this issue lightly:

Not to Filipino children, not to any children for that matter. This is not funny Katherine Ryan! Share until Ms.... — (@seoquickrank) June 16, 2013

@MockTheWeek Why is it okay to make a cheap gag at the expense of Filipino kids? Shame on you Katherine Ryan — Kevan Brighting (@kevanthevoice) June 13, 2013

Comments on Youtube and the 'Mock the Week' Facebook page:

An edited version of the clip was also uploaded online: