Sam Milby feels good about Anne and Jessy

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Actor happy with love life of ex-turned-friend and inspired by Maria Mercedes star

LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL. And simple, as Sam prefers it. Photo from his Facebook

MANILA, Philippines – Now that the teleserye “Huwag Ka Lang Mawawala” has ended, Sam Milby can now concentrate on his movie with former girlfriend Anne Curtis, “The Gifted.”

Sam and Anne were paired on the big screen 3 years ago with the box-office romantic comedy, “Babe, I Love You.”

“I guess this is the right time to make a movie again with Anne,” said Sam.

“When we did ‘Babe, I Love You’ then, Anne was beginning to bloom as an in-demand celebrity endorser. Now she is everywhere! Her face is all over the stretch of  EDSA. She has numerous TV commercials and she was just interviewed for ‘E! News Asia’ because of her charity work.

“I mean, look at her now, as compared to 3 years ago. She has matured and improved so much.

“Tapos, award-winning actress pa siya, kaya perfect timing itong movie na ginagawa namin.”

(Plus, she’s an award-winning actress at that, so this movie we’re doing is perfect timing.)

Sam is also happy with Anne’s love life. Since that movie they did together, Anne has been in a relationship (social-media lingo) with Erwan Heussaff. On some occasions, Sam would be hanging out with the couple.

Making ‘ligaw’

But the American-Filipino actor himself has not been left out in the romance department.

It’s been public knowledge that he has his eyes set on ABS-CBN’s newest leading lady, Jessy Mendiola — the star of the local TV adaptation of “Maria Mercedes,” who recently got her biggest endorsement from the original star of the serye, Thalia.

“You’re going to make an amazing job,” was the Mexican actress’ message to Jessy through Skype.

Jessy is fast becoming today’s “It” girl and Sam saw right away her natural charm.

“Yung totoo [The truth is], I like her and I really find her so beautiful,” he said.

“I’ve been watching her and she is such a simple girl, but she has this exceptional appeal. I like to get to know her more.

“And yes, I am making ligaw to [courting] her.

“I only hope na wala akong makasabay [no one else is seeking her affections], or else, gulo ito [this is trouble]!” he laughed.

No awkward moment

Their age gap is 9 years (Sam is 29 and Jessy is 20), but the actor counts on the old cliché, age doesn’t matter.

“Age has nothing to do with what I am feeling for Jessy. Yes, she might be young but she understands me — she gets me.

“We have so much in common. Plus we have a great time together when we hang out.

“There’s no awkward or silent moment kapag magkasama kami [when we’re together].”

Sam met Jessy when they did an episode of “Maaalala Mo Kaya” last year. Sam was immediately attracted to Jessy but she was dating JM de Guzman at the time.

Now that it’s over between Jessy and JM, Sam has stepped in and looks forward to a resounding “yes” from his favorite girl. –

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