Diana Zubiri’s fresh outlook after sexy phase

B. Allie Tah
Once and future 'pantasya' happy with her child, education, and quieter presence. But don't rule out greatness

OLDER, WISER. Diana is thankful for her family, education, and work. Photo from her Facebook

MANILA, Philippines – Former Seiko Films sexy actress Diana Zubiri feels lucky to have two shows on ABS-CBN.

She plays an aswang in the fantasy series “Juan dela Cruz,” starring Coco Martin, and in “Bukas Na Lang Kita Mamahalin,” she’s a rape victim who will point at Gerald Anderson as the man who assaulted her.

Between these two shows, Diana, 28, is also busy with school — she is a graduating theater arts student at Miriam College.

“Mahirap [It’s hard] but I am adjusting to it every day,” Diana said about juggling her time.

“Pareho ko kasing priority ang work and school, most especially school, kasi matatapos na ako [since it’s almost complete].

“Ayoko namang pabayaan iyon [I don’t want to take that for granted]. The reason why I left showbiz temporarily is because I want to finish a college degree.

 “But of course, I need to work as well. Kaya thankful ako sa dalawang shows ko [That’s why I’m thankful for my two shows] with ABS-CBN.”


It was more than a decade ago when Diana was hot in the limelight as one of the country’s top sexy stars. That was the “pantasya” trend in showbiz then, which is curiously missing in today’s more open environment.

But during their time, Diana and the other sexy celebrities flaunted their physicality and courted controversy too — in the case of this 17-year-old star at the time, strutting in a two-piece at the EDSA-Shaw flyover for an FHM shoot and provoking the righteous ire of the mayor in that area.

Unlike their unfortunate predecessors from the Seventies and Eighties, many among Diana’s generation of sexy stars, including herself, had withdrawn from the scene by their own choice — some, to be sure, finding stability or security through, let’s just say, marriage.

It’s still the classic and always inspiring story of stars who disappear from their own stardom and begin to really live their lives again.

Finding direction

Diana knows this transition, which has led her back to school (majoring in the lofty field of theater at that) and to raising a family, although she has not really withdrawn from the scene but rather minimized her involvement.  

“When I signed up with ABS-CBN, I was set to do only ‘Bukas Na Lang Kita Mamahalin.’ Pero biglang nagkaroon ng problema [But suddenly there was a problem] because of the [widely speculated tension between] Maricel Soriano and Gerald Anderson.

When Marya (Maricel) was replaced by Dawn Zulueta, it happened that Dawn was helping out in her husband’s (Anton Lagdameo) election campaign.

“Kaya natigil ang taping [The taping had to be set aside], but they gave me a different project, which was ‘Juan dela Cruz.’

“Now, mukhang magkakasunod pa ang two shows ko [it seems like my two shows have the same sked], because ‘Bukas Na Lang Kita Mamahalin’ will start airing on September 2, but Juan dela Cruz will end in October.

“I am thankful that both shows pay the bills and put food on the table. I am blessed, after all.”

Diana, a widow, has a 4-year old-son from her “non-showbiz” husband of two years, Alex Lopez, who passed away in 2010.

“That’s why I am working hard for my son and at the same time, trying to finish school so that I will be a good example to him when he grows up.

“Malalaman niya na hindi lang basta artista ang mommy niya kundi nakapagtapos ng pag-aaral dahil sa pag-aartista.

(He will know in time that her mommy is not just an artista but somebody who finished school because of her work.) – Rappler.com

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