Ruffa Gutierrez, talk shows and the social media world
The issue? A birthday tribute gone wrong.

MANILA, Philippines — When social media went abuzz with the controversial quitting of TV host and former beauty queen Ruffa Gutierrez from a talk show, it was a reminder of two things about the entertainment world: It’s not the first time she quit and that the Gutierrez clan has a considerable following on social media. 

In March 2010, Gutierrez left the ABS-CBN hit talk show “The Buzz” in a huff (literally and figuratively) after then co-host Kris Aquino made some comments on Gutierrez’ pending move to TV5.

The news made waves on social media but not as much as when she did the same last Saturday, June 23. Twitterverse was abuzz with controversy after Ruffa took to her Twitter account (@iloveruffag) to criticize “Paparazzi,” the very same show she left “The Buzz” for.

Not long after, her feisty mom, Annabelle Rama, chimed in, so did Ruffas brother, Raymond Gutierrez. The social media world went crazy.

It’s not that hard to catch the family’s drama unfold on the popular micro-blogging site. Combined, the 3 alone have close to 2 million followers on Twitter.

The issue? A birthday tribute gone wrong.



Her mom, Annabelle Rama, took to Twitter to air her disdain for the show’s birthday “tribute.”



A few minutes after the said segment aired, Gutierrez announced her resignation from the show via Twitter.



The reason behind Gutierrez and Rama’s reaction remained unclear to many on social media. Rama gladly have her side of the story through a Twitter shoutout to TV5’s top executives.




Rama also pointed out that her two granddaughters, aged 7 and 8, were watching the show because they wanted to see their mom’s birthday tribute.

According to Interaksyon, TV5’s online news portal, the network will probe the Saturday episode

Private, public lives

For most celebrity (or non-celebrity) folk, Rama and Gutierrez’s Twitter tirades can be a little too much to handle. But if you’re part of the Gutierrez clan, it comes with the territory.

Not too long ago, the first celebrity manager and clan matriarch figured in a heated exchange with another feisty showbiz character, Amalia Fuentes.  

The Gutierrez family, most members of which are in showbiz, is known to be fiercely supportive of each other in real life and on Twitter.


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