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Filipina actress Janet Bordon dies at 66

Filipina actress Janet Bordon dies at 66

BORDON. Filipina actress Janet Bordon starred in the 1984 film 'Virgin People'.

Screenshot from 'Virgin People' trailer

The popular '70s and '80s lead actress had been battling cancer for 31 years

Filipina actress Janet Bordon, who rose to fame in the ’70s and ’80s, died on Wednesday, September 22, after a decades-long battle with cancer. She was 66.

According to an ABS-CBN News report, Janet’s daughter Jay Bordon said that at the time of her mother’s death, she was “surrounded by love” from her five siblings, nieces and nephews, daughter, extended family, and her 89-year-old mother. Janet died at her home in San Francisco, California.

“She was a strong and beautiful person throughout every moment of her life, including her last breath,” Jay said.

Janet’s brother, Rozel, also confirmed the news on Facebook. He said that his “loving sister” had been battling cancer for 31 years and had nine major operations, excluding other “numerous treatments,” which Jay said she went through with “grace and dignity,” thanks to her empowering faith.

“No more pain, ‘Te Net. We love you so much,” Rozel wrote.

Janet’s memorial service will be held at San Francisco.

Janet was a popular lead actress in the late 1970s and ’80s, co-starring in series and films with other big names in the industry. She starred in Ako Si Emma, Babae! (1977) and Tatak ng Yazuka (1983) with Rudy Fernandez; Biyak na Manyika (1979) with Phillip Salvador and Gloria Romero; Diegong Bayong (1984) with Anthony Alonzo; Virgin People (1984) with Pepsi Paloma and Myrna Castillo; and Apat na Maria (1980) with Charo Santos and Lorna Tolentino. Her last film was Moises Platon (1988) with Bong Revilla.

After her last entertainment project, Janet relocated to the US with family. – Rappler.com