Catriona Gray returns to Australia

Catriona Gray is reuniting with her family in Australia, the Miss Universe 2018 shared on May 4, Tuesday. 

In an Instagram post, the beauty queen shared a photo taken inside an airplane. She explained that after several tries, she was finally cleared to travel to Australia.

“After countless rescheduled flights, two flight cancelations, swab tests, stress, applications and waiting… I’m finally on my way to see my parents for the first time in one and a half years,” Catriona wrote. 

She recalled the promise she made to herself after winning Miss Universe in 2018: to see her dad at least 4 times a year. But that wasn’t possible given the COVID-19 pandemic. Her parents are based in Australia while Catriona, a singer and TV personality, lives in the Philippines. 

“It’s always been a fear of mine, having an older father, of not having enough time with him. I don’t want to one day be full of regret for not having given time to one of the most important people in my life. I’m so emotional writing this,” she said.

Catriona said she knows that many families are facing the same situation as hers, of being forced to live apart from family during the pandemic. “I’m sending my whole heart to families who are in the same position as mine. Praying that you’ll be together soon,” she concluded her post.  

Since March 2020, Australia closed its borders to all non-citizens and non-residents, only permitting limited international flights for citizens returning from abroad. Prime Minister Scott Morrison said on April 18 that they are in no hurry to reopen its international borders and risk the country’s nearly coronavirus-free lifestyle.

“I will not be putting at risk the way we are living in this country which is so different to the rest of the world today,” he said. -