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Motherhood, as told by your favorite celebrity moms

Andrea Tibayan
Motherhood, as told by your favorite celebrity moms

SUPER MOMS. These celebrity moms opened up about their life-changing journey on motherhood.

Photos from Anne Curtis, Jennylyn Mercado and Jodi Sta. Maria's Instagram

Celebrity moms talk about the life-changing journey of motherhood

Being a mom is, no doubt, a tough job. But to navigate the world of motherhood when you’re under the spotlight (with an endless stream of opinions – solicited and otherwise) is a different ballgame. 

Here’s how your favorite celebrity moms have handled both the pressure of parenthood and their careers:

Sofia Andres

Sofia was 21 and among the country’s rising stars when she found out she was pregnant. But Sofia had no qualms about putting her career second to her responsibilities as a mom.

“I never regret anything,” she told Metro.Style. “[Zoe] changed my life, my mindset, my goals, my path. Mas minahal ko ang sarili ko. Mas na-appreciate ko ang life. (I love myself more. I learn to appreciate life more). I know my purpose already. My plans are all detailed now.” 

Janella Salvador

She was fresh from the success of The Killer Bride when Janella learned in February 2020 that she was going to be a mom. “At my age, it was scary. I had to think about so many things, like how I am going to tell everyone? It’s not easy at my age, especially because there’s a lot of harsh criticisms,” Janella recalled in a Sky Podcast episode with Slater Young and Kryz Uy

Despite her initial fear, Janella said she doesn’t regret anything. “Some people say that you lost your younger years, you can’t really explore anymore, but I’m fine, I’m happy, and I’ve always dreamt about being a mom. I don’t know if it’s weird but it’s really one of my dreams,” she said. 

Candy Pangilinan

As a hands-on mom to Quentin, who was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Candy has learned so much. “He is my miracle, my ticket to heaven. Grabe ‘yung tinuro niya sa akin, ‘yung pasensya, ‘yung tolerance, to live simply. Sa kanya, ang simple ng buhay. Sobra siyang grateful and appreciative of simple things,” the actress said to Toni Gonzaga in a recent vlog. (He taught me a lot – patience, tolerance, to live simply. For him, life is so simple. He’s so grateful and appreciative of simple things). 

She also feels grateful that she’s given the platform to be an advocate for children with special needs. “With all the affirmation I’m getting, marami rin palang nanay ang dumadaan sa ganito (a lot of mothers are also in the same situation as mine). They need encouragement and they need hope,” she continued. 

Jennylyn Mercado

Jennylyn once took to social media to uplift fellow single moms after a distasteful comment that belittled them. “Having a kid early doesn’t make you less of a woman. In fact, it’s the opposite. Being a single parent made us stronger than ever. Always hold your head up high. We are more powerful than they think we are,” the actress wrote. 

Sunshine Cruz

Hindi ko akalain na kaya ko maging super mom but I realized when I got separated in 2013, lahat kakayanin ko para sa mga anak ko,” Sunshine said in a Magandang Buhay guesting. (I didn’t think I’m capable of being a super mom but when I got separated, I realized that I’ll do everything for my children.) 

As a mom of three, she admitted having fears. But, Sunshine knew that her experience made her much stronger. “Nagkaroon ako ng heartache (I had a heartache) but I proved to myself and to everyone na mayroong (there is) second chance sa buhay (in life).” 

Jodi Sta. Maria

Jodi says there’s nothing wrong with being a single mom. “It’s actually a blessing…. it’s a stage where you can grow and learn about yourself,” the actress once shared at a movie press conference.

“There is nothing wrong about being a single mom, about being a single woman. You can still be your own individual… hindi siya curse, hindi siya taboo na kapag wala kang partner in life.” (It shouldn’t be considered a curse or taboo to not have a partner in life). 

Judy Ann Santos

You don’t have to be related by blood to be a family – this is what Judy Ann often tells daughter Yohan. “Always remember na hindi ka basta saling kit-kit dito (you aren’t an outsider to this family), you started this family,” she said on a Tonight with Boy Abunda interview. 

Judy Ann is also an advocate for adoption to be viewed in a positive light. “Everyone out there that’s adopted should realize that it’s such a beautiful word. Somebody wanted you in their lives, they chose you,” she said.

Andi Eigenmann

Andi told Metro.Style that despite the criticism for her modern parenting style, what’s important is her relationship with her children. “I’m just very open and I don’t want to dictate. I don’t want to tell them what to do or how to live their life. All I’m here for is to be a guide, and hopefully, a good role model so that I can raise human beings that are good people. I want to raise them to be kind to everyone, and have good hearts,” she said.  

Anne Curtis

She’s an actress, a host, a performer, an endorser and an advocate – but for Anne, nothing trumps being a mom to her Dahlia. “It’s because of Dahlia that I am able to feel all this love and be the best version of myself,” Anne opened up in an I Feel U episode with Toni Gonzaga. 

“I’ve been with her 24/7. I’ve witnessed all of her firsts – her first smile, the first time that she learned how to reach for me… Everyday, there is something that has been like a beautiful memory. It’s just all amazing,” she continued. 

Solenn Heussaff

Solenn said in her vlog, that as a mom, Thylane is her number one priority. “I have learned so much being a mom. I have learned a new side of me that I didn’t know before whom I love. I can’t remember life without my child. I’m the happiest I could be right now because of my child,” she said. 

The actress also emphasized that having a child does not ruin your life. “It changes your plans, yes. It changes logistics in your life, yes. But it definitely does not ruin anything,” Solenn said. 

Bianca Gonzalez

“I keep reminding myself this one most important lesson I’ve learned as a mom: Every mother is different, and every child is different,” Bianca wrote in a story for ABS-CBN Lifestyle.

She added that while it’s hard to stop comparing yourself with your mom friends or the moms you see on social media, it’s important to at least try. “We all have different strengths and weaknesses as mothers. It’s okay to feel down every now and then. It’s okay to feel sad, but just keep coming back to the bigger picture that you are a good mom doing everything that you can for your child.”

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