SONA 2020

“Walang sustansya”: Celebrities react to Duterte’s 5th SONA

“Walang sustansya”: Celebrities react to Duterte’s 5th SONA
From frustration to confusion – here's how celebs reacted to the yearly speech

President Rodrigo Duterte delivered his 5th State of the Nation Address on Monday, July 27. (READ: Duterte’s 2020 SONA: Pandemic plan overtaken by obsession with ‘oligarchs’)

His speech, which ran close to 2 hours, drew mixed reactions from celebrities, who tuned in and watched alongside tens of thousands of Filipinos worldwide.

Singer Leah Navarro, a long-time critic of the former Davao mayor, tweeted: “Why bother commenting or RT’ing any of Duterte’s SONA declarations? We have better things to do than listen to drivel.”

Actress Agot Isidro, another vocal critic, tweeted: “ Ang SONA na walang sustansya. ktnxbye.” (The SONA that has no nutrients. Okay thanks, bye.)

Host and sportscaster Cesca Litton-Kalaw tweeted her reaction to Duterte’s promise of COVID-19 vaccine with a Batman GIF, saying: “Assuming that the vaccine won’t be available anytime soon, is there an actual plan until it’s produced?”

TV host Bianca Gonzalez-Intal tweeted – sans comment – a screenshot of Philstar’s live tweet of Duterte warning telecommunication companies Globe and Smart to shape up or he’ll close them down.

In another post, Bianca wrote: “It seems there is a lot of work cut out for Congress and Senate in the coming months with these bills mentioned by PRRD. Honestly praying for and cheering for our lawmakers kasi hindi biro yung dami ng paperwork na yan, at pagbalanse ng best version ng bill na fair to all.” (Honestly praying for and cheering for our lawmakers because because the paperwork and balancing the best version of a ball that’s fair to all is no joke.)

Director Sam Lee tweeted during the first minutes of SONA: “If you thought T Swift was petty wait till you meet Du5*7+5-(-20)/2.”

After the SONA, Sam retweeted a screenshot of Presidential spokesperson Harry Roque, who seems to be closing his eyes.

Actress Janine Gutierrez reacted to Duterte’s threats against telcos over their services.

Nadine Lustre posted on Instagram, saying: “Nakikiisa sa bayan na lumalaban.” (I join my fellowmen in this fight.)

Kakie Pangilinan, daughter of Senator Kiko Pangilinan and Sharon Cuneta, poked fun at the experience and tweeted her “reactions” while watching the SONA.

Artist and activist Isa Barte also shared her sentiments.

Dr Gia Sison also did not hide her frustration.

TikTok comedian Macoy Dubs likened this year’s SONA to a miting de avance – a high school meeting de avance, that is.

Ben & Ben’s Miguel Benjamin posted a lengthy reaction to the SONA.

Photographer and blogger Kerwin King tweeted: “Personal issues, egocentrism, attacks, lies and more lies. That’s just it. #SONA2020.”

Cebuano musician Vincent Eco also shared his frustation, tweeting: “Why’s he talking about death penalty and drugs? Where’s the solution for the pandemic?”

Actress Gabby Padilla urged Duterte to “walk the talk” after he spoke about “fighting” for human rights.

Jennylyn Mercado, who’s become more vocal about her own political views of late, tweeted: “Pero ano po ang plano?” (So what’s the plan?)

– with reports from Alexandra Goño and Cristeen Salazar/