Charlie Puth tests positive for COVID-19
Charlie Puth tests positive for COVID-19

SINGER. Charlie Puth is known for hits like 'One Call Away,' 'Marvin Gaye,' and 'See You Again.'

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The 'One Call Away' singer says he thinks the worst is behind him already

MANILA, Philippines – Singer-songwriter Charlie Puth said that he tested positive for COVID-19 in a Twitter post on Thursday, December 16.

The “One Call Away” singer wrote that he wasn’t feeling amazing but that he thought that “the worst is behind [him].”

“I write you this update, feeling like complete ass, in hopes that you will be safe and careful this holiday season. Love you and I’ll speak to you very soon,” the 30-year-old musician added.

His mother Debra Puth replied to his Tweet, saying, “I’m so glad you are vaccinated.”

Puth is most known for hit singles like “One Call Away,” “Marvin Gaye”, “Attention”, We Don’t Talk Anymore” featuring Selena Gomez, and “See You Again” with Wiz Khalifa, which was released in 2015 as part of the Furious 7 original soundtrack.

Puth was scheduled to visit Manila for his Voicenotes Tour in November 2018 but the show was canceled in July that year due to “unforeseen circumstances.” His last concert in the Philippines was in August 2016 for his Nine Track Mind Tour, and his first was in October 2015. –