In first tweet post-nude photo gaffe, Chris Evans reminds Americans to vote

Leave it to Chris Evans to turn a personal embarrassment into an opportunity to remind followers in the US (both the benign and thirsty) to cast their vote on November 3.

"Now that I have your attention... VOTE Nov 3rd!!!" said Chris on Tuesday, September 15, in his first public post since accidentally sharing via Instagram stories a nude still.

Chris included a facepalm and shrug emoji in his tweet, as you should.

The actor, best known for playing Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, inadvertently made headlines on September 13 when he posted a very safe for work (SFW) video clip on his Instagram stories.

What he didn't notice (at first), however, was that the video – a screen recording of the video clip – also included the rest of Chris' phone camera roll, which included a partial nude photo and a photo of his face with text that's arguably not that safe for work either.

He immediately deleted the story but, as the internet goes, stills and screen recordings of his story still went viral.

As his name trended on September 13, fans flooded Twitter with tweets and memes, urging people not to share the leaked nude photo. This time, both fans and fellow stars lauded (and poked fun at) Chris for drawing attention where it's most needed.

Chris, 39, starred as Captain America/Steve Rogers in over 7 MCU films.

He's also a vocal supporter of same-sex marriage, efforts to ban assault weapons, and has been vocal against efforts in Alabama which would ban abortion in almost all cases, including rape or incest. Chris has also been critical of President Donald Trump.

He recently launched "A Starting Point," a "civic engagement video-based app that helps voters better understand the issues of the day." –