Chris Evans accidentally posted something online – so the internet's trying to protect him

Chris Evans, to most fans, is the pure, well-spoken actor who has, so far, kept a relatively clean public image almost akin to his iconic character, Captain America.

So when on early Sunday, September 13 (late Saturday, September 12, in the US), Chris accidentally posted a NSFW (not safe for work) still from his camera roll, you can be sure that the internet swept in to protect his privacy after the mishap.

"Chris Evans" trended on Twitter early Sunday as fans flooded the hashtag with memes, jokes, and vaguely related posts that mentioned the actor's name. Even the embassy of Ireland in the US chimed in.

The whole thing apparently started after Chris shared on his Instagram a decidedly SFW (safe for work) video. The video, however, was itself a screen recording. When it ended, the video also captured the rest of Chris' phone camera roll, which included what seemed to be a partial nude photo and a photo of his face with text that's arguably not that safe for work either.

The actor immediately deleted the post but, of course, the internet was able to get screenshots and screen recordings of the whole thing.

It's at this point where we remind you that Chris Evans' privacy must be respected and you shouldn't be seeking out the leaked camera roll photo. And if you do come across a snap of his camera roll online, look away (if you still can) or at least refrain from sharing or spreading it even more online.

Chris, 39, starred in 7 movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Captain America, a World War II soldier who is injected with a "supersoldier" serum that turns him into a superhero.

Off camera, Chris has been known for being a vocal supporter of same-sex marriage, efforts to ban assault weapons, and has been vocal against efforts in Alabama which would bans abortion in almost all cases, including rape or incest. Chris has also been critical of President Donald Trump.

He recently launched "A Starting Point," a "civic engagement video-based app that helps voters better understand the issues of the day." –