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Dimples Romana to establish school for acting

Dimples Romana to establish school for acting

Dimples Romana is opening up a school for acting and personality development

Photo from Dimples Romana's official Instagram account

Dimples says it's her 'lifelong dream coming true'

Dimples Romana will be opening a school for acting. 

On an Instagram post on Wednesday, March 31, the actress shared a photo of the unfinished headquarters which will be the headquarters for the Dimples Romana School for Acting and Personality Development. “Soon to open. Finally sharing with you my lifelong dream coming true,” she said. 

“For years, I have been thinking of how I can give back to the industry that has been kind and generous to me over the years. I knew I always wanted to teach, to share what I know that has been working for me and my family now,” Dimples wrote. 

“I wanted to put up a school, a business that will give way and open doors of opportunities to many aspiring actors and actresses/hosts and artists like me to be able to create a path that’s unique and true to them and what they already have, develop new skills, hone their talents and continue to learn even more,” she added.

Dimples also said that she will invite fellow actors and mentors to share what they know about acting. “We plan to invite my co-actors, my mentors who I honor and learned from these past years, who now choose to pass on their legacy through teaching, and share the same initiative,” she said. 

“Our new school will teach techniques in acting, hosting and branding of oneself that I have personally developed over 24 years in showbiz,” Dimples shared. She also said that the school will not only be open to aspiring artists, actors, hosts, and brand ambassadors but also to students from non-media backgrounds as it will also open personality development classes to corporate individuals and companies. 

Dimples has been in showbiz since the late 90s, and rose to fame as a cast member of Tabing Ilog. She is also known for her roles in One More Chance and Kadenang Ginto. Currently, she is part of ABS-CBN soap opera Huwag Kang Mangamba –