Enchong Dee also tells celebrities to speak up, addresses ‘neutrality’

Enchong Dee also tells celebrities to speak up, addresses ‘neutrality’
The actor is among those who took part in the ABS-CBN noise barrage

Enchong Dee urged his showbiz colleagues to speak up in light of the ABS-CBN shutdown.

On  Sunday, July 19, the actor called out his colleagues who continued to be neutral, tweeting: “Let me address the argument of neutrality dear colleagues. I’m shining a light on your stand of neutrality with all due respect… you cannot say you are neutral and yet accept millions of pesos during a campaign period,” he wrote.

Singer and songwriter Jim Paredes responded to Enchong’s tweet, saying it would be better if actors who are mum on the issue just admitted they are scared.

“There is nothing wrong if instead of invoking neutrality, they just say they are scared.  EVERYONE is afraid. Some like to stay scared and helpless. Some  feel the fear but do what they think they should regardless.”

Enchong’s tweet comes after actress Angel Locsin told celebrities during the caravan and noise barrage on Saturday, July 18, to speak up. Like Angel, Enchong is one of the stars who have been vocal in supporting ABS-CBN.

ABS-CBN stopped its free television and radio operations on May 5 to comply with the shutdown order of the National Telecommunications Commission, following the expiration on May 4 of the network’s congressional franchise.

An overwhelming majority of the House committee on legislative franchises rejected ABS-CBN’s new franchise application, which forced the network to implement a retrenchment program for its 11,000 workers. – Rappler.com