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James Reid just wants Nadine Lustre to be happy


JAMES REID. The actor attends the ABS-CBN Ball in 2019.

Alecs Ongcal/Rappler

The music producer is asked how he would feel if he saw his ex-girlfriend with a new suitor

It’s been over a year since James Reid and Nadine Lustre announced their breakup, but fans remain invested in their relationship status – especially since the two have stayed friends and continue to work together.

Even in an interview about his work, James fielded questions about Nadine – with one fan asking if he is ready to see Nadine get together with a new person.

As James said, it’s not up to him.

“I don’t think anyone in that situation is excited to see their ex with someone else, but you know, that’s not my choice,” the music producer responded in a conversation with Boy Abunda.

“It can’t be my choice but if magically I had to decide whether or not she’d be with someone, of course I wish her the best, I want her to be happy,” he continued, after being pressed by Boy.

“I’m not her husband, neither am I her father, so she can do whatever makes her happiest,” he said.

James had earlier said that Nadine is doing well, and is gearing up to release a new single. Even after their breakup, James and Nadine collaborated closely, as Nadine is signed to Careless, the indie music label run by James.

In the Boy Abunda interview, James also shared the moment when he realized that he wanted to pursue music.

“It was when I released Palm Dreams, that first album. That was the first time I really created something on my own,” he shared.

“Looking back on it, if I could redo some of the songs I would. But still at that time, it was so great to just kind of take something from inside of you and put it outside. I fell in love with it. I knew that was the path I wanted to take in music and I’ve never really looked back since,” he said.

He clarified that it doesn’t necessarily mean he won’t go back to making movies.

“One day, I would be interested in doing film again, just right now, I would really like to see [music] through,” he shared. “I’m looking for more musicians, more artists to work with, to sign. Not necessarily to sign either, just to collaborate with and see what’s possible.”

James said that he is hoping to start working on his next album before the year ends. In June, he released his single “Hello,” a follow-up to his earlier release, “Soda.” –