‘It’s not a joke:’ Kakai Bautista recovers from COVID-19

Comedian and actress Kakai Bautista has recovered from COVID-19, 14 days after testing positive for the coronavirus.

In an Instagram post on Friday, September 11, she shared that she was asymptomatic, and her recent test results show she is now negative for the virus.

"GUYSH, COVID is not a Joke. OO, sakit siya, virus siya. Pero mas PARANG ikakamatay mo ang FEAR and ANXIETY 'pag nagkaroon ka (Yes, it's a disease, it's a virus. But it's like you'll sooner die of the fear and anxiety when you get it)," she wrote in the post, sharing that she prayed and surrendered everything to God.

"And I was OK. Nagpaka-normal ako, dahil alam kong mas magkakasakit ako kapag HINDI ako umayos sa isip at sa gawa (I acted normal because I knew I'd just get more sick if I didn't keep it together in my mind and my actions)," she said.

In another Instagram post on Saturday, September 12, Kakai teased a vlog she’s sharing about her experience with COVID-19.

In the post, she expressed her hope that those with COVID-19 recover fully, and offered prayers for those who have died or lost loved ones to the disease.

She also stressed the importance of staying safe.

“Gusto kong ipaulit-ulit sa inyo na kung kaya natin, MAG-INGAT mga 1000 times (I want to say it to you over and over, if you can, keep safe about 1,000 times)," she said.

"PLEASE PO. Let’s take care of each other by taking care of ourselves first. Better days are coming. And habang may buhay, may pag-asa (while there is life, there is hope)." – Rappler.com