'It’s about time it ends,' says Liza Soberano after filing case over rape comment

After filing a criminal case against a Facebook user who made rape comments against her on the platform, actress Liza Soberano said in an interview on Headstart with Karen Davila that she wanted to "take a stand for all the silent victims of rape, rape jokes, and misogyny."

"I wanted to pursue this case is because I wanted to take a stand for all the silent victims of rape, rape jokes, and misogyny. It’s about time it ends. Rape is not funny. There's nothing funny about joking about it," Liza said on Friday, September 25.

Karen had asked Liza why she took the "pro-active step" in filing the case, given that many public figures even if they are maligned online, often just "let it pass."

"The reason why this is so important to me is because for the longest time, we're just used to letting things pass. If someone bashes us, we let it go because we understand that everybody has their own opinions," Liza said.

"And because we're public figures, we should just let allow everybody to say anything about us without batting an eye."

However, when it comes to rape, Liza said she would never let that issue pass.

Liza's legal counsel Attorney Jun Lim said that while it's a Constitutional right to speak freely, people should also remember that it's "not an absolute right."

"We must draw the line somewhere, sometime," he added.

Liza said she was confident the case would prosper.

"There's nobody you can pinpoint in the comments but me, because I was the only person at the time to have talked about their company online and to show some disappointment with the service being provided," Liza said.

"It’s pretty obvious that it was me they were talking about without even mentioning my name."

Liza, accompanied by her manager Ogie Diaz and legal counsel Jun Lim, formally filed a criminal complaint in Quezon City on Thursday, September 24, against an online user who made a rape comment about the actress.

The comment was apparently left on a Facebook post by a supposed employee of Converge, Liza's former internet provider, which she called out on Twitter for poor service.

The comment read, “wala tayong magagawa, wala ng trabaho, kaya di bale ng masira ang image, magkapera lang. Sarap ipa-rape sa mga…ewan!” (We can't do anything, she has no work, so never mind if her image is ruined, as long as there's money. Wish we could have her raped by…I don't know!) – Rappler.com