Liza Soberano says she won’t let rape remark pass

Liza Soberano does not take rape remarks lightly. The actress said as much when she replied to a Twitter user who urged her and her manager Ogie Diaz not to brush off rape comments made against the actress online.

“Don’t worry we won’t let this one pass. They know my address,” Liza said on September 20, replying to a tweet saying “rape is not a joke” and naming two people who had apparently made rape comments against Liza.

Liza recently got flak – and apparently, rape threats – after she posted a series of tweets first calling out internet provider Converge for their service, and later for sharing that a new provider, PLDT, had quickly come to her house and replaced her internet connection.

After Liza’s tweets, netizens accused PLDT of playing favorites, and wondered why the company responded to Liza immediately as they continue to wait for a response to get their internet fixed.

Liza then explained in a thread on September 9 that she didn’t mean to brag about her new internet connection, and called on internet providers to step up their service. In the same thread, she also mentioned an employee of her former internet provider “who divulged personal information.”

On September 20, Liza then retweeted a screenshot of a comment from an internet user, saying “wala tayong magagawa, wala ng trabaho, kaya di bale ng masira ang image, magkapera lang. Sarap ipa-rape sa mga…ewan!”

(We can't do anything, there's no work, so never mind if her image is ruined, as long as there's money. Wish we could have her raped by...I don't know!)

The screenshot does not show where the comment was being posted on, but other netizens named the commenter and implied that she is an employee of Converge.

Converge then posted on their official Facebook on September 21, saying they are “deeply concerned about the wrongful comments and behavior of some employees over social media.”

They did not mention if their post was in connection to the supposed comments made against Liza, but they said “We do not tolerate such actions toward any customer and emphasize that their personal opinions do not reflect the company’s perspective, values, and culture.”

“We are currently dealing with this matter and we will carry out disciplinary measures accordingly,” they said. –