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‘Ibang-iba na’: LJ Reyes says she hasn’t spoken to Paolo Contis after split

‘Ibang-iba na’: LJ Reyes says she hasn’t spoken to Paolo Contis after split

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The actress opens up about the break-up in an interview with Boy Abunda
‘Ibang-iba na’: LJ Reyes says she hasn’t spoken to Paolo Contis after split

Actress LJ Reyes said she’s distanced herself completely from ex-boyfriend Paolo Contis, following the end of their years-long relationship.

The actress, who was dialing in from the US, spoke up for the first time about her break-up in an interview with Boy Abunda that premiered via YouTube on Wednesday, September 1. 

‘Ibang-iba na’: LJ Reyes says she hasn’t spoken to Paolo Contis after split

When pressed on why she’s decided to physically distance herself from Paolo and why she’d refuse to speak to him again for now, she said: “Kasi parang pakiramdam ko, totoo yung sinasabi niya sa akin… pero marami kasi akong nalaman na hindi totoo. Natatakot ako na [and] I’m sorry if I’m gonna use this word… ma-manipulate yung alam ko nga ngayon na facts.”

(Because when we speak, I feel that he’s telling me the truth. But I’ve since learned that they aren’t true. I’m afraid… and I’m sorry if I’m going to use this word… that the facts I know now will be manipulated.)

Speaking to Boy Abunda, LJ said she was speaking up to clear the air for the sake of her two children. LJ shares a child with Paolo, 2-year-old Summer. She also has a child from a previous relationship with fellow actor Paulo Avelino, 11-year-old Aki. Aki, said LJ, has grown close to Paolo, with whom she’s been in a relationship with for over six years. 

LJ said that although she first formally ended the relationship, Paolo started seem distant in late 2020. “Matagal ko nang nararamdaman na matagal na siyang nakahiwalay sa amin, pero honestly ako yung nagsabi na parang… parang nasa ibang mundo na po siya at pakiramdam ko eh hinihintay niya lang na sa akin manggaling,” she said. 

(I’ve long felt him distancing himself from us. But honestly I was the one who said that it was like he was living in another world and I felt that he was just waiting for me to say it.)

The actress also admitted that after splitting from Paolo, she asked if he would take her and her kids back. He said no. 

While she remained vague over what triggered the split, LJ said people would “message [her] about sightings,” which Paolo would in turn, deny. “‘Pag babae ka, or kahit sino pong nagmamahal na tao, kapag nagmamahal ka, alam mo. At ‘pag kilala mo ang tao, alam mo,” she said. 

(If you’re a woman… or if you’re anyone who loves someone, you just know. If you know someone, you just know [when something is wrong].) 

The actress, in tears, said it was only her faith in God that’s held her together the past few months. When asked if a third party was involved – a speculation talent manager Lolit Solis had earlier denied – LJ didn’t give a straight answer but said “other people would be able to answer that.” 

Speculation that the two split started after Paolo unfollowed everyone, including LJ, on Instagram. Fans later observed that Paolo removed photos of LJ from his Instagram feed. Paolo himself has not spoken up about the end of their relationship. –

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