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LOOK: Markki Stroem shows off his birthday suit in photo shoot

LOOK: Markki Stroem shows off his birthday suit in photo shoot

BIRTHDAY SUIT. Markki Stroem poses in the nude in a photo shoot to celebrate his birthday.

Photo from Markki Stroem's Instagram

The actor celebrated his 34th birthday by posing in a nude photo shoot

Markki Stroem channeled “Adam in Paradise” for a photo shoot in celebration of his 34th birthday.

In the photos, shot by Gee Plamenco Jr, Markki posed nude in the middle of wild grass in an area in Antipolo, Rizal, that he used to visit when he was younger.

Markki shared the first of the photos on Instagram on March 21, saying “another year older, another year wiser.” He then posted another photo later on, sharing that the shoot location was at the top of a steep hill. He said that when he was younger, his father would wake him up early to run on that hill.

“My brothers [Eirik] and [Kai] would dread the uphill climb, with very little time to rest. The most rewarding, though, was reaching the top with a view of the Manila Skyline,” he shared. “Fast forward, 20 years later, and I see that my father was trying to teach us a lesson. Sometimes, the road less traveled renders the best rewards.”

In a third photo posted on March 24, Markki shared more reflections, and said that it was important to “just live in the moment.”

“Let us all remember that we are not perfect. This is why it is imporant for all of us to find beauty in these imperfections. Let us not cast a stone until we know the full story. Listen to your HEART, for it will guide you to your Destiny. Love yourself first!” he said.

He also said that he would be sharing more photos from the shoot, as well as behind-the-scenes footage.

Markki turned 34 on March 21. He is known for starring in various stage productions, including Repertory Philippines’ staging of Hair, and Atlantis Productions’ SideShow and Jersey Boys. He has also appeared in films such as I Love You, Hater and Halik sa Hangin. –