Matteo Guidicelli searches his feelings

MANILA, Philippines - After his much-talked about breakup with Maja Salvador, Kapamilya actor Matteo Guidicelli remains alone and available - or as we in showbiz mistakenly would like to put it so, loveless.

The Italian-Filipino hunk says it’s his choice to remain unattached for the time being. He wants to concentrate on his career and to have a new girlfriend will only mean having a rebound.

“I don’t want to make any girl my rebound. Hindi tama iyon, kawawa lang ‘yung girl [It's not right, pity the girl]," Matteo told a contributor for Rappler during an interview.

“Kaya [That's why] I want to really heal and move on from what happened in the past. I feel kasi that I am not ready yet to commit to a relationship.

"Baka ang mahirapan ay ang girl na makakasama ko [The girl might find it difficult]. 

“I’m not in a hurry and I want to take my time being single.”


He was linked for a time with Jessy Mendiola, but that fizzled out.

“Like what I said, wala pa sa tamang panahon [the time isn't right].

“Me and Jessy, we’re good friends. Let’s stay like that muna. I am aware that Jessy is also busy with her career which is really [thriving] right now.”

But Jessy is rumored to be the apple of Sam Milby's eyes. Will he regret not courting Jessy now that Sam is rather earnest about Jessy?

“It’s all up to Jessy. Siya naman ‘yung nililigawan, eh [She's the one being wooed].

“If she feels that Sam is the one, then she should go for it.

“Ngayon kasi, friendship lang ang puwede kong mai-offer kay Jessy."

(As of now, friendship is all I could offer Jessy.)

"But whoever she is with, I am genuinely happy for her.”

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But all is well at work. He reunites with Andi Eigenmann in "Galema: Anak ni Zuma." Their last time together was "Agua Bendita" in 2010.

“I miss working with Andi. When we did 'Agua Bendita,' mga bata pa kami noon [we were quite young then]. We were both very new in this industry.

“But 3 years went by and what happened to both of us made us mature faster.

“Andi has her baby and I guess hindi naman siya [she's not] loveless.

"Ako loveless talaga [I'm really loveless], but I am happy with my status right now.

"Huwag lang [So long it's not] complicated!” -