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Michelle Madrigal on why her marriage ended: ‘We weren’t really compatible’

Michelle Madrigal on why her marriage ended: ‘We weren’t really compatible’

MICHELLE MADRIGAL. The actress opens up about what she learned from her marriage.

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The former actress adds that she has no regrets about her marriage to her ex, Troy Woolfolk

Michelle Madrigal opened up about why she and her ex-husband Troy Woolfolk decided to end their marriage, saying in a vlog that they were simply not compatible.

Michelle clarified that there was no third party involved. “It was just a mutual decision to really separate…. It was very amicable. We were both unhappy,” she said.

She went on to talk about the difference between chemistry and compatibility, saying that there was certainly chemistry between her and her ex, but it was so strong that they didn’t realize they weren’t compatible.

“If you guys know our story, everything was expedited. Within six months of dating we had a baby, and all of that….I moved to a different country with no family…. I was in love,” Michelle shared.  

“And that’s the chemistry, whenever you’re together, there’s that energy, that fire…you may or may not like the same things, but you kind of ignore that when you have chemistry because you’re so focused on that energy,” she said.

“They give you butterflies, and you’re so attracted to this person that sometimes you ignore red flags. You kind of forget about your core values, and that’s where compatibility comes in,” she added.

Ultimately, Michelle said she has no regrets.

“I was blessed with my amazing daughter; we are blessed with Anika and it changed our lives,” she said.

Michelle, now based in Texas, USA, met Troy through Tinder in 2016. They welcomed their daughter in 2017, and got married in April 2019. They announced their separation and ongoing divorce in August. –