Moira dela Torre sets record straight: ‘I never cheated on Jason’
Moira dela Torre sets record straight: ‘I never cheated on Jason’

SPEAKING UP. Moira dela Torre breaks her silence on her split from Jason Marvin Hernandez.

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The singer breaks her silence on their split

MANILA, Philippines – Moira dela Torre has finally spoken up about her separation from Jason Marvin Hernandez, shutting down rumors that she had also cheated on her husband.

Jason earlier admitted to being “unfaithful” to Moira during their marriage as he announced their breakup on social media on Tuesday, May 31. In the wake of Jason’s admission, some netizens speculated that Moira had also been unfaithful. 

Moira defended herself against the rumors in a statement released on Instagram late on June 3. 

“In spite of the pain I’m experiencing, let me set the record straight. While our marriage was not perfect, I have stayed true to my vows and I have never cheated on Jason,” she said.

“This has not been easy on either of us and our families. I only wish to put an end to the speculations regarding what happened between Jason and I. Though we’re no longer together, it still hurts to see fabricated stories being told about us – most of which are so far from the truth,” she added.

She then asked for respect in the wake of their split, saying, “the both of us still have a long way to go when it comes to healing.”

“I don’t know what the future holds, but hope continues to be the song that I sing. Even in pain – especially in pain – I will continue to place my complete trust in the one who has never let me down,” she said. 

Jason and Moira were married in January 2019

The pair were rumored to have broken up as early as April, when followers noticed that Moira deleted photos of Jason from her Instagram account. At the time however, Moira appeared to shut down the rumors by tagging Jason in an Instagram post. –