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Park Han-byul is pregnant with her second child

Park Han-byul is pregnant with her second child

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The South Korean actress last starred in the 2019 drama 'Love in Sadness'

MANILA, Philippines – South Korean actress Park Han-byul is going to be a mom of two. 

According to a Soompi report on Wednesday, June 1, Park’s agency confirmed the news. “It’s true that Park Han-byul is pregnant with her second child. As this is her personal life, the details are hard to confirm,” the agency was quoted as saying.

Park last acted in the 2019 drama Love in Sadness, and during its run, the infamous Burning Sun scandal made headlines. At the time, Park’s husband Yoo In-suk was revealed to be the CEO of Yuri Holdings and Seungri’s business partner, and was reported to be a participant in group chatrooms where there were talks of sexual escort services to foreign investors and sharing of hidden camera footage and photos of women. 

As the controversy surrounding her husband grew, Park issued an apology, saying that she also felt accountable.  She has been away from the spotlight since then and there’s no confirmation as to her plans of returning to the entertainment industry. 

Park, 37, also starred in the series I Have A Lover and One Well-Raised Daughter. Rappler.com