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Robin Padilla rushed to hospital for hypertension in Spain
Robin Padilla rushed to hospital for hypertension in Spain

RECOVERY. Robin Padilla is rushed to a hospital in Spain after experiencing hypertension.

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The actor says his blood pressure shot up to 200/150

MANILA, Philippines – Robin Padilla was rushed to a hospital in Spain for hypertension, after feeling dizzy and weak while walking in a park. The actor and senator-elect is currently traveling in Spain with his family.

Napakahirap intindihin ng nangyari sa akin. Wala akong kahit anong sakit pero bigla nalang ako nawalan ng lakas sa tuhod ko habang naglalakad sa parke dahilan para kagyat ako umupo sa ilalim ng puno. Nagdilim ang paningin ko at bumagsak ako sa puno sa likod ko. Hilong hilo ako,” he shared in a Facebook post on June 1.

(It’s so hard to understand what happened to me. I don’t have any medical conditions but I suddenly felt weak in the knees while I was walking in the park, which is why I sat down under a tree. My vision darkened and I fell on the tree behind me. I was so dizzy.)

He shared that a local helped him get back on his feet, and he was eventually able to find his companions, though his wife Mariel Padilla was on a ride with their daughter Isabela. 

He then began experiencing chest pains and difficulty in breathing, so he left his companions and dizzily walked to the entrance of the park to look for a ride to the hospital.

When he couldn’t find a taxi to the hospital, so he messaged his childhood friend and the Philippine Ambassador to Spain, Philippe Jones Lhuillier, who he had met with a few days earlier.

He then made his way to a clinic by the entrance of the park. When a nurse took his blood pressure, it registered at 200/150. A normal blood pressure range is less than 120/80. He said that the nurse was shocked at the reading, and took his blood pressure again, with the same result. She then called an ambulance, and Mariel and Isabela arrived to see him.

Pinainom ako ng pangbaba ng blood pressure pero walang pinagbago. Dumating ang ambulansiya. Sinaksakan ako ng dextrose/ ecg. Unti unti umepekto ang gamot. Naging 140/104. Napanatag ang lahat dahilan Para Alisin na ang mga aparato ng ambulansiya. Babayaran sana ni Mariel pero libre pala ang Emergency service,” he said.

(They gave me medicines to lower blood pressure, but nothing changed. An ambulance arrived. They attached an IV and ECG on me, Little by little, the medicines began to work. My blood pressure became 140/104. Everyone felt better, so the ambulance’s equipment was removed. Mariel was about to pay but apparently emergency services are free.)

Eventually, the ambassador arrived on the scene and insisted on bringing Robin to the hospital for further examination. He underwent a blood test, x-ray, and urine test, and they all turned out normal.

Binigyan lang ako ng gamot sa high blood good for five days. Nakauwi na ang lahat at makapahinga,” he said.

(They gave me high blood medicines good for five days. Everyone has gone hone and rested.)

Robin, known for his roles in action movies and TV shows, emerged with the highest number of votes in the Senate race in the May 2022 elections. He is one of President Rodrigo Duterte’s most vocal celebrity supporters. –