LOOK: Selena Gomez makes adobo and more in new season of 'Selena + Chef'

Actress and singer Selena Gomez tried her hand at the Filipino adobo for season two of her home cooking show, Selena + Chef, on HBO Max.

In a trailer posted on Monday, January 11, Selena, who is a self-proclaimed amateur in the kitchen, attempts different recipes, alongside various guest celebrity chefs.

One episode features Filipino-American chef Jordan Andino, who owns a Filipino taqueria called Flip Sigi in New York. The trailer shows Selena showing off a plate of dark, saucy adobo with rice to Andino's grandmother via video chat, who said "it's okay" when Selena asked how she think it looked.

Season two of Selena + Chef will stream on HBO Max starting January 21. ā€“ Rappler.com