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WATCH: Sharon Cuneta gets snubbed at an Hermes store in South Korea
WATCH: Sharon Cuneta gets snubbed at an Hermes store in South Korea 

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After being 'turned away' at the Hermes store, Sharon 'bought everything' in Louis Vuitton instead

MANILA, Philippines –  Sharon Cuneta shared that she was “turned away” from an Hermes store during her recent trip to South Korea. 

In a vlog uploaded on Friday, September 30, Sharon shared some clips from her recent vacation in Seoul, South Korea, where she was seen trying some Korean food and buying K-pop merchandise. 

The Megastar also went on a shopping spree in Seoul’s fashion hubs. However, Sharon disclosed that she was barred from entering an Hermes shop, where she initially wanted to purchase a belt. 

WATCH: Sharon Cuneta gets snubbed at an Hermes store in South Korea 

Nagpunta lang ako dito para bumili ng sinturon sa Hermes. Ayaw ako papasukin (I just went here to buy a belt from Hermes. But I wasn’t allowed to go in),” she said in her vlog. Sharon did not go into detail about the incident, but she included a clip of her talking to a staff of the boutique. “Turned away at the Hermes store,” she wrote in the caption of her vlog. 

She instead went to the nearby store of another luxury brand, Louis Vuitton, where she was accommodated. While buying many items from the brand, Sharon was also seen talking to some of the staff members of Louis Vuitton, who also gave her a bottle of champagne and flowers as gifts. “I got champagne and flowers. Thank you, Louis Vuitton. Thank you,” she said. 

Carrying her handful of Louis Vuitton purchases, Sharon and her companions passed by the Hermes store again and told the staff: “See, I bought everything.” 

Following the incident, Sharon also included a clip from the film Pretty Woman, where Julia Roberts’ character told the saleswoman who discriminated against her that it was a “big mistake.” 

This isn’t the first time that Sharon experienced being turned away while shopping at a luxury store abroad. In her 2019 guest appearance in Tonight With Boy Abunda, Sharon disclosed that this happened to her at least three times – one being at the jewelry store, Cartier, in Hong Kong. The actress recalled that while wearing a plain shirt and jeans, she inquired about an item, but was refused to be attended by a sales representative. – 

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