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Seoul court temporarily bars actor Park Yoo-chun from entertainment activities

Seoul court temporarily bars actor Park Yoo-chun from entertainment activities

CELEBRITY. South Korean actor and singer Park Yoo-chun is known to be a former member of groups TVXQ and JYJ.

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The Seoul District Court grants an injunction for the suspension of the former TVXQ and JYJ member from entertainment activities due to alleged 'breach of contract'

A Seoul court has temporarily barred Park Yoo-chun from participating in entertainment and promotional activities, after it granted an injunction filed by an entertainment agency against the South Korean singer and actor.

According to a Soompi report, the Seoul Central District Court granted the injunction of Yoochun’s agency, Yesperar, for the suspension of Yoo-chun’s activities in the entertainment business on Wednesday, November 10.

The court ordered that the singer-actor “may not produce albums or videos, appear in advertisements or commercials, engage in character business, make broadcast appearances, or carry out entertainment activities for a third party other than Yesperar” until the court issues a final judgment on the petition.

Yesperar had asked the court for a temporary restraining order against the former TVXQ and JYJ member in August for alleged breach of contract.

Yesperar Company Limited was assigned as the exclusive management agency of Yoo-chun until 2024 by Re: Celio, an agency established by Yoo-chun’s previous long-time manager. Yoo-chun signed under Re:Celio in January 2020.

Re:Cielo claimed that Yoo-chun breached their exclusive contract which was still valid at the time he signed with another Japanese agency. Yoo-chun claimed that he had already terminated the contract with Re:Cielo because of “criminal cases” involving the agency’s CEO, like alleged embezzlement of funds and bribery.

Yoo-Chun had said that he tried to contact the CEO for an explanation before pursuing the cases in court, but received no response. Re:Cielo’s CEO has since rebutted Yoo-chun’s claims.

In April 2019, Yoo-chun was arrested and charged for using methamphetamine. He was sentenced to 10 months in prison and two years on probation. – Rappler.com