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Sunshine Cruz to daughters’ harassers: ‘Hindi pagkain o bagay ang mga babae’

Sunshine Cruz to daughters’ harassers: ‘Hindi pagkain o bagay ang mga babae’

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The actress and her daughters have been sexualized and objectified in social media posts

Sunshine Cruz has had enough of the harassment she and her 3 daughters have been subjected to online.

In an Instagram post on Monday, July 13, the actress posted a photo of her and her daughters Angelina, Sam, and Chesca, saying: “Wala kaming sinasaktan at inaapakang tao. Hindi pagkain o bagay ang mga babae (We don’t hurt or step on any people. Women are not food or objects).”

Anong satisfaction ang nakukuha nyo sa pambabastos nyo sa amin (what satisfaction do you get from harassing us)? I may have done sexy movies in the past but it is never a valid reason to treat us this way,” she said.

Sunshine was responding to several social media posts from Facebook groups that sexualize her and her daughters. She shared screenshots of some the posts on her Instagram Stories, writing “if this is right, I don’t know what’s wrong anymore.”

The posts – shared on Facebook pages like Diary ng Lalake – used photos of the women and labeled them disrespectfully.

Sunshine also shared a photo of a Facebook exchange between supposed schoolmates of her daughters, where one boy challenged the juniors in their school to ask out a celebrity they called “Montano.”

According to Sam, who also shared the photo on her Twitter, the post was referring to Chesca.

Two other students replied, making sexual remarks about Sunshine and Chesca, who was 12 at the time.

“Hope you will also have the courage to say this right in front of our faces at hindi lang sa Facebook,” Sunshine said.

Angelina, Sam, and Chesca also spoke up on Twitter.

“MY SISTERS ARE MINORS,” Angelina, the eldest, said. She also called out victim blamers who have been telling them to cover up if they don’t want to be harassed.

“Those defending these predators, do you expect us to swim in jeans? make it make sense. it’s not funny and it’s not amusing. It’s disgusting,” Angelina said.

“Don’t normalize putting the blame on what we wear, whether it’s too revealing or not decent for you. THIS is why rape culture exists. instead, educate yourselves,” she said.

“Imagine going on FB and seeing so many memes / posts sexualizing you and your family (keep in mind that me and my younger sister are minors),” Sam said. “I don’t find them funny, I just find them gross and disturbing. to all the men posting about us, please watch your words :)”

“Think about your mother who carried you for 9 months, birthed you, fed you, and loved you before you leave anther disgusting, disrespectful and malicious comment under any woman’s post. How would she feel?” said Chesca.

Angelina, Sam, and Chesca are Sunshine’s daughters with ex-husband Cesar Montano. –