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Wil Dasovich’s photo with Carla Humphries sparks dating rumors
Wil Dasovich’s photo with Carla Humphries sparks dating rumors

'BACKYARD TOURISTS'. Wil Dasovich and Carla Humphries spend time together at the Los Angeles Country Museum of Art.

The post comes a few days after Wil's ex Alodia Gosiengfiao posts a photo with another man

MANILA, Philippines – Vlogger Wil Dasovich set his followers buzzing with dating rumors after posting a photo with actress Carla Humphries.

On Instagram on April 26, Wil shared a photo of him and Carla (who now goes by the name Madeleine) at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art’s Urban Lights.

Wil kept the caption neutral, only saying “Backyard tourists.”

The comments section was flooded with speculation from commenters – including Wil and Carla’s friend, actress Bianca King, who wrote “Is there something here???” with a heart emoji.

Other commenters noted that Wil’s post came just a few days after his ex-girlfriend Alodia Gosiengfiao posted a photo with businessman Christopher Quimbo in Palawan. 

In the photo, Alodia and Christopher were forming a heart with their hands, leading many to assume that they were together. 

Neither Wil, Carla, Alodia, nor Christopher have outright confirmed that they were dating. –