YouTuber Keenan Cahill dies at 27
YouTuber Keenan Cahill dies at 27

Keenan Cahill's Instagram page

The popular YouTube personality of the 2010s was known for his lip-sync videos and collabs with pop singers

MANILA, Philippines – Keenan Cahill, the popular YouTuber of the 2010s known for his viral lip-sync videos, died on Thursday, December 29 (US time) at age 27, according to US media.

Cahill’s manager David Graham confirmed to CNN that he died in a Chicago hospital, due to complications after an open heart surgery on December 15, which caused him to be on life support.

A GoFundMe was arranged by Cahill’s maternal aunt to raise medical and funeral funds for the “complications that arose that he couldn’t overcome.”

“Keenan is an inspiration and let’s celebrate by remembering all the content he created, artists he collaborated with, music he produced and the love he had for everyone who supported him over the years,” she said.

The YouTube personality’s last Instagram post was on December 13, clarifying the date of his surgery. On December 5, he asked his followers to wish him luck, and said: “love ya’ll.”

Cahill was diagnosed with Maroteaux-Lamy Syndrome as a child, a rare genetic disease that causes physical abnormalities like dwarfism, abnormally enlarged organs, skeletal malformations, and heart disorders.

YouTuber Keenan Cahill dies at 27

Cahill rose to early YouTube fame for his goofy lip-sync performances of popular hits done in his room, with the first being Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream,” which amassed over 58 million views. He also lip-synced “Down on Me” by Jeremih, with over 60 million views. Because of his popularity, he eventually collaborated with Perry herself, as well as artists 50 Cent, Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, David Guetta, Jason Derulo, Lil Jon, Pauly D, LMFAO, Sean Kingston, and more.

His YouTube channel has over 723,000 subscribers. –

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