Coleen Garcia files report against ex-cop in road rage incident

MANILA, Philippines – Coleen Garcia has filed a police report against the violent ex-cop she encountered on her way home from work over the weekend.

In an update on her original post on Facebook, Coleen said that she went to the Makati police station to file a report on the incident. There, she learned that the men she asked for help on the night of the incident were marshals, not policemen. 

In her original post, Coleen expressed frustration over the "police" who witnessed the incident, whom she said only asked her if she wanted to iron things out at a station.

In her update, Coleen said: "I asked them over and over last night though, ''Di ba po pulis kayo?' (Aren't you police officers?) and they didn't deny it, so I was under the impression that they were actual police officers, which is why I was so frustrated by their lack of action.

"They are still authority figures nonetheless and it's still their job to resolve matters such as this. I'm still disappointed by the way the marshals handled (or failed to handle) the situation, but the POLICE officers at the station were very helpful with everything."

She thanked the Makati police for the help they've given her.

"I really want to extend my gratitude to PCSUPT TOMAS C. APOLINARIO JR for assisting us through the entire process. He was a great help, and everyone was so reasonable! I'm very confident that this will be resolved soon. Even they admitted that the marshals did not respond the way they should have, and they are going to take all the necessary and appropriate actions to resolve this. For that, I am very grateful."

Coleen also said that she's okay after the incident, adding that she can move on from the experience but hopes that it will not happen to anyone else. She also revealed that the ex-cop threatened her, her driver, and her PA: "He said, 'Kung dala ko lang yung baril ko, patay na kayong tatlo!'" (If I had brought my gun, the 3 of you would be dead!)

Screenshot from Facebook/Coleen CG

On May 21, Coleen shared that her car bumped up against another on her way home from work. The driver of the other car got down, said he was a former policeman, and shouted at Coleen's driver. The actress also said that the man tried to physically assault her as well. 

In 2016, Coleen was treated inappropriately while on a trip to Hong Kong, and she and her boyfriend Billy Crawford spoke to Hong Kong police after.

Since the incident, good friends like Maxene Magalona, Tim Yap, and Luis Manzano have posted messages of their support for Coleen. –