Moira dela Torre's management on Marcos Fest gig: It's 'nonpolitical'

MANILA, Philippines – Cornerstone Entertainment Inc came to defense of singer Moira dela Torre on Sunday, September 16, following criticism for her appearance at a "Marcos Fest" in celebration of the late Ferdinand Marcos' birth anniversary. 

In the statement sent to Rappler on Sunday, September 16, the management said: "Considering that the name of the fiesta event in Ilocos Norte held last September 11, 2018, was changed from 'Ilocano Millenial Night' to 'Marcos Fest,' Cornerstone Entertainment Inc wishes to clarify that Moira’s performance in said fiesta was nonpolitical in nature as she neither endorses nor is she affiliated in any way with the Marcoses."

"The performance was solely made for the warm people of Ilocos Norte in relation to the celebration of their fiesta," it added. Cornerstone manages Moira. 

Ilocos Norte celebrates its founding anniversary every February. The "fiesta" in September, according to the Philippine News Agency, was held to celebrate 101st birth anniversary of Marcos. (READ: Moira dela Torre: I didn't know I'd be performing at 'Marcos Fest')

Moira earlier said on Twitter that she was made to believe she was performing at the "Ilocano Millennial Night." 

"From the earlier reminders till before we got there, [the organizers] addressed it as the Ilocano Millennial Night. Not once was [Marcos'] name brought up. So let me be clear about this: I performed for the people of Ilocos and NOT for Marcos," she said in a tweet, responding to questions on Twitter.

When Marcos was president, he placed the entire country under martial law. The Marcos years are marred by human rights abuses, the disappearance of political foes, and corruption amongst the Marcoses and their cronies. –