Bullied 'Dancing Man' gets a Hollywood party

MANILA, Philippines – When a photo of Sean O'Brien dancing became the subject of much ridicule and negative comments over social media last March, a group of supporters launched a campaign to find the then-unidentified Sean and throw him a dance party. All this, in a bid to combat online bullying and body-shaming. 

At the time, even celebrities like Pharrell Williams, Ellie Goulding, and Moby spoke up to defend Sean and his right to dance without being made to feel ashamed of himself. 

According to a report from Mashable, the party was held in Los Angeles at The Avalon in Hollywood last Saturday, May 23, where Moby served as DJ, and many attendees wore shirts bearing the words “I am a Dancing Man.” 

But before the actual party, Sean was interviewed on the Today show, where he said he was amazed by the support given to him.

Thanks for having us @TODAYshow! @Dancingmanfound @DanceFreeMvmt @JM_Couture @gudlyapp #dancefree #gudlyapp pic.twitter.com/LqGTf2hiiL — Katy Dolle (@katydolle) May 22, 2015


"This is amazing, this really is amazing,” Sean said. "There will always be bad, there will always be bad in the world, but there's far more good people.”

Sean even found a new fan in singer Meghan Trainor, who danced with him on the show. 


After the party, Sean took to Twitter to thank supporters for all their positive words and actions. 

A last massive thanks to all those who were there last night to help make it so memorable — Dancing Man (@Dancingmanfound) May 24, 2015

and everyone who has supported and followed for last two months to help make it happen. So much love in the world @DanceFreeMvmt — Dancing Man (@Dancingmanfound) May 24, 2015


– Rappler.com