Derek Ramsay on Angelica Panganiban, John Lloyd Cruz

MANILA, Philippines – Despite their much talked about breakup a few years ago, Derek Ramsay said that he is open to working with his ex-girlfriend Angelica Panganiban in a movie project.

In an interview with reporters on Wednesday, February 24 during the press conference for the Sunday noontime show Happy Truck Happinas, Derek explained how he and Angelica were able to talk again through text messages – plus a little bit about the movie offer. (READ: Derek Ramsay on reconciliation with ex Angelica Panganiban)

"There was no awkward moment…," Derek said. "We spoke, actually we were considering making a movie together but just to avoid any... no one refused, it’s just more of, it’s not the right time in a sense nga na may pinagdadaanan siya (that she's going through something).

"We don’t want people to think that she doing that to spite somebody. Ang pangit eh. (That's not good.) They have a situation that I do not know anything about," Derek said referring to Angelica's reported breakup with actor John Lloyd Cruz.  

Last January, talent manager and DZMM anchor Ogie Diaz said that Angelica and John Lloyd broke up but still remain friends. More reports of their breakup have followed, although neither John Lloyd nor Angelica has publicly issued any statement. 

According to Derek, he and Angelica were approached about doing the movie.

"I was asked if I would like to do a movie with her and I said I’m okay. She was asked, she said she was okay. But just not now."

Derek also said that he's not afraid to do projects with Angelica despite being in a new relationship.

"Hindi ako takot. (I'm not afraid.) I’m very comfortable to make a movie with Angel. I would be very excited to do a movie with Angel. Na experience ko na gumawa ng isang pelikula kasama niya na napakabigat na drama at mahusay siyang artista. Ako, I think she’s the most talented actress out there today and it would be an honor for me to work with her. Would I feel uncomfortable? No." (I already experienced making one movie with her that's heavy drama and she's a really a good actress.) 

Derek also looked back on his relationship. 

"We had six years. I don’t think there any problem with that. I think our paths were written na hindi magkatuluyan kami (not to be together). Matagal na din sila ni John Lloyd (she and John Lloyd have also been together for a long time)," Derek said of the 3 year relationship.

"There’s nothing wrong with Angelica. She has a strong personality we all know that. Kung hindi malakas ang personality mo, hindi ka bagay kay Angelica. (If your personality is not strong, you're not fit for Angelica. You have to match that. Si Angelica she loves life, she spontaneous. She loves her craft, she very passionate and so is John Lloyd." 

"There’s nothing wrong with Angel, I think she just needs to find the right person," Derek added. 

He also said that he's okay to be a confidant to Angelica if she does open up.

"Most definitely. That’s what friends do. We had 6 wonderful years. If she feels comfortable opening up to me and cry on my shoulder, most definitely. I have the respect to let my girlfriend know, of course." 

Presidential debate

On the subject of the upcoming 2016 elections, Derek said that he was not able to to watch the first round of the presidential debate in Cagayan de Oro last Sunday, February 20. While has checked information on social media, he said he has yet to make up his mind.

"I didn't get to watch it but I saw stuff on social media. I still need a lot of confirmation and the first one didn’t really put somebody here," he said raising his hand.  (READ: Celebrities on first presidential debate in Cagayan de Oro)

"Prior to the debate, I already had someone in mind, which I’ll keep to myself. I had somebody in mind but even with the first debate, it didn’t solidify so there’s still room."

As for endorsing a candidate, Derek said: "I don’t get involved…my right to vote is private and want to keep that to myself. So if I strongly believe in somebody, I will endorse them for nothing, I won’t be asked to be paid…I mean if you don’t believe in somebody, it’s like buying your vote, right?" –