Dingdong Dantes on SONA 2015, 'number 1 fan' Marian Rivera

MANILA, Philippines – Shortly after attending President Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino's State of the Nation Address (SONA), Dingdong Dantes headed to the YES! Magazine anniversary party, where he spoke to reporters about the event, wife Marian Rivera, and his own thoughts on the upcoming 2016 elections. (READ: Dingdong Dantes to fresh grads: Enjoy life, but have direction)

"Ako, personally I became kind of emotional because na-realize ko I was in the same seat 5 years ago when he had his inauguration. Ang bilis ng panahon, after 5 years, here he is reporting kung ano yung mga achievements ng buong administrasiyon," said Dingdong, who is also the Commissioner-at-Large for the National Youth Commission.

He added that he was proud of being part of Aquino's administration. (IN PHOTOS: SONA 2015 fashion)

(I personally became kind of emotional, because I realized that I was in the same seat 5 years ago when he had his inauguration. Time flies so quickly, after 5 years, here he is reporting the achievements of the entire administration.)

Dingdong campaigned for PNoy back in 2010.

Dingdong also said that despite this administration's many achievements, the government's efforts to better the country should not stop here: "Pero siyempre hindi magwawakas yun doon. (But of course, we shouldn't stop there.) I mean after that we should take care of what we started." This is why, he says, it's "very crucial to really choose and pick the right leader for the next administration."

Dingdong says he has not thought about becoming president in the future. "That has not entered my thoughts. Right now we have to do our responsibilities as citizens and to reap the benefits that we've gathered," he said as his pregnant wife, actress Marian Rivera, looked on. (READ: Marian Rivera on how Dingdong Dantes reacted to pregnancy news)

Marian expressed full support for Dingdong's work during the YES! party. "Kasi yung mga advocacy niya at ginagawa din niya sobrang proud din ako kay Dong eh, [sa] lahat ng effort niya," (I'm very proud of all the effort he puts into his advocacies and his work,) she said. "Number one fan niya ako pag dating sa mga advocacy niya." (I'm his number one fan when it comes to his advocacies.)  

On that, Dingdong said: "Malaking bagay ang moral support sa hirap ng trabaho na ginagawa ko." (Moral support is a big help when it comes to the difficult work I have to do.) – Rappler.com