DJ Khaled is the Waze voice you didn't know you needed

MANILA, Philippines – DJ Khaled is the newest addition to navigation software Waze.

In a release, the team behind the app said DJ Khaled will be "bringing his life hacks direct to Waze users" by becoming globally available as the new voice on Waze beginning the end of June.

He won't just provide directions, according to Waze. "Along the way they'll enjoy their rides with words of advice including 'Stay focused,' 'Don’t play yourself,' and 'The top's off the maybach!'"

Khaled's Waze cameo was done through Deezer, an online music streaming service, which partnered with Waze in 2018. Users can also stream Khaled's music while listening to his voice on Waze because why not?

Khaled's voice will only be available for a limited time.

Go to Settings -> Voice Directions -> DJ Khaled to make the most of the limited offering. –